CWAG Award | Attorney General - State of Colorado

CWAG Award

The WAGGY Awards program was created by the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) in 1999 to recognize aesthetic and service excellence in Attorney General websites. Each year, a committee comprised of volunteers from the member offices in the conference reviews the websites and selects the very best in the categories of Best Overall, Best Redesign/Biggest Stride, Best Consumer Outreach and Services, Language Diversity and other special categories like Website Leadership, Best Crime Fighter, and Best Youth Services. With the ongoing advances in technology, government websites need to keep pace to better enable the public to access information, obtain needed services, and conduct government business efficiently. The WAGGY Awards are an annual tradition, highly prized by the member offices, and hailed as an incentive and reward for excellence in the public websites of Attorneys General Offices.

The Colorado Attorney General's Office was awarded the 2015 Best Consumer Outreach and Services WAGGY Award for the website and consumer protection initiative.