Attorney General Coffman Cracks Down on Fraudulently-Filed Businesses | Attorney General - State of Colorado

Attorney General Coffman Cracks Down on Fraudulently-Filed Businesses

Businesses used unsuspecting consumers’ addresses in filings with the Colorado Secretary of State

DENVER – Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman today announced the filing of several suits against businesses that fraudulently filed their organizing documents with the Secretary of State. These purported businesses used unwitting Colorado consumers’ addresses to fraudulently incorporate in Colorado.

Several businesses, many of which appear to have been incorporated by individuals residing outside of Colorado or the United States, have been using local consumers’ residential addresses as the businesses’ principal office location or as their registered agents’ address without the consumers’ knowledge or consent. The unsuspecting consumers had no idea this was happening until they began receiving mail for these companies. One consumer discovered that more than 200 companies used his address as their principal office location and registered agents’ address. Another fraudulently-incorporated business was found to have been infringing on the trademark of a legitimate business selling water heaters overseas.

“Consumers should never face the difficult circumstance of unknowingly being used to help facilitate fraud,” said Attorney General Coffman. “By filing for judicial dissolution of these fraudulently-filed companies, we are cracking down on businesses that misuse Coloradans’ information and think the law does not apply to them.”

Under Colorado law, the only way to dissolve these fraudulently-formed companies is for the Attorney General to file an action for judicial dissolution. The Attorney General’s Office believes there may be numerous other fraudulently-incorporated businesses, and will continue to pursue these cases as they arise.

The Attorney General urges any person who has reason to believe that a business is fraudulently using his or her address to file a complaint here or contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation by email at