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Data Breach

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With today’s technological advances, companies often maintain sensitive information relating to all facets of their business on internal/external networks as a regular daily practice for obvious reasons. This can include information relating to their customers, clients, vendors, financials, and proprietary information to name a few.

Scammers understand this and specifically seek out businesses that have valuable data along with vulnerabilities in their data protection processes.  These vulnerabilities may come from external threats, indirect or accidental disclosure, to internal threats that can cripple a business and lead to expensive legal and financial implications.  

Protecting data from these vulnerabilities and implementing preventative measures are imperative to maintain a safe and legal business practice.  For tips and suggestions on how to have a sound security plan in place, you may wish to review the following resources:

While additional laws may apply to businesses who have incurred a data breach, business owners may wish to review Colorado’s data breach notification requirements (C.R.S. 6-1-716) along with the federal mandates relating to The Personal Data Notification & Protection Act.  

If you believe you have been victimized by identity theft or if you wish to report suspicious activity, please file a report here.

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