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123 MOUNTAIN.COM INC., Oliver and Anna Sofia Goumas, individually 03/25/2016 Consumer Protection
212 Home, Inc. d/b/a Denver Air Duct and Eliran Raviv 03/26/2015 Consumer Protection
5280 Financial Group, Inc. 07/07/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
AAAA Television Electronic Vacuum & Appliance, a/k/a County Line Vacuum & Appliance, Inc., Muhammed Murib, and Omar Murib 11/04/2015 Consumer Protection
Affinion Group, Inc., Trilegiant Corporation, and Webloyalty.com, Inc. 10/09/2013 Consumer Protection
AHGN Corp d/b/a Summit Resolutions 07/08/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Air Duct Expert, LLC, Air Duct Expert, And DTD Air Duct Cleaning 07/10/2013 Consumer Protection
Airan2, Airan-Pace, Cross & Fernandez, P.A. 11/09/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Alex Carpets, LLC; Alex Carpet, LLC; American Carpet, LLC; Budget Flooring; Alejandro "Alex" Javalera, Jr.; and Carol Javalera 08/31/2016 Consumer Protection
America's Foreclosure Defense, LLC and Real Foreclosure Solutions Inc. 01/03/2011 Mortgage & Foreclosure
American Engine Installations 10/14/2008 Consumer Protection
American Foreclosure Specialists, LLC 10/20/2006 Mortgage & Foreclosure
American Mortgage Consultants-AMC 07/15/2010 Mortgage & Foreclosure
American Summit Financial Services, Inc. 11/19/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Anderson, Stanley Fenton 06/02/2011 Securities & Investments
Apollo Credit Agency 05/01/2014 Debt Collection
Appointed Professional Services 04/15/2010 Charity & Non Profit
Arbor Financial, Inc. 04/18/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Argosy University, Denver and parent company Education Management Corporation 12/05/2013 Consumer Protection
Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, LLP; Xceleron, LLC; Assured Title Agency LLC; Stacey L. Aronowitz; Joel T. Mecklenburg; and Robert J. Aronowitz 07/16/2014 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Assurity Financial Services, LLC 07/29/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
At The Beach 01/28/2011 Consumer Protection
ATG Solutions, Inc., National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, National Association of Medical Sales Representatives, Brian S. Kennedy a/k/a Eric Reinhard, Melvin Simmons, Brad Sullivan, and Steve Neece, individually 01/04/2016 Consumer Protection
Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc.; Citron Pharma, LLC; Heritage Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Mayne Pharma (USA), Inc.; Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. 03/01/2017 Consumer Protection
Austin Home Ventures, LLC dba Capital Asset Recovery dba Capital Realty, Bryan Jensen, Ethan Eaton, Bailey Perez, and Billy Fuston 10/08/2015 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Barclays Bank PLC and Barclays Capital Inc. 08/08/2016 Consumer Protection
Barr Laboratories, Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., and Cephalon, Inc. 08/04/2016 Consumer Protection
Basad, Inc. 06/24/2009 Consumer Protection
Bella Homes, LLC. 03/21/2012 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Best Interest Rate Mortgage Company (BIRMCO) 11/03/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Boobies Rock!, Inc. a/k/a The Se7ven Group, Say No 2 Cancer, and Adam Cole Shryock 06/25/2013 Charity & Non Profit
Bronchick, William individually and LegalWiz, Bronchick & Associates, P.C., and Bronchick Consulting Group, LLC 06/02/2017 Securities & Investments
Camarco, Sonya D. 09/22/2017 Securities & Investments
Cancer Fund of America, Inc., also d/b/a Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Fund, Cancer Support Services, Inc., Children’s Cancer Fund of America, Inc., The Breast Cancer Society, Inc. also d/b/a The Breast Cancer Society of America 05/18/2015 Charity & Non Profit
Caribbean Cruise Line, Inc. 03/03/2015 Telemarketing
Carter, Chiniece 02/28/2013 Insurance
CashCall, Inc., WS Funding, LLC, Delbert Services Corporation, and J. Paul Reddam 06/08/2016 Consumer Credit
Chase Bank, USA N.A. and Chase Bankcard Services, Inc. 07/08/2015 Debt Collection
Claim Specialists International, Inc. 05/03/2011 Consumer Protection
CollegeAmerica - Center for Excellence in Higher Education Inc. 12/30/2014 Consumer Protection
Colorado Children's Assistance Center 08/21/2007 Charity & Non Profit
Colorado Executive Mortgage LLC 12/18/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Colorado Humane Society 01/19/2010 Charity & Non Profit
Community First Financial (“CFF”) 01/29/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Consolidated Medical Services, LLC. 09/06/2012 Consumer Protection
Corporate Acquisitions Group, LLC. 12/21/2009 Consumer Protection
Countrywide Financial Corporation 02/03/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
CreditAnswers 11/18/2013 Consumer Credit
Crisis Management, LLC 07/17/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Dalbey Education Institute, Russell T. Dalbey 07/31/2013 Consumer Protection
Davis Foreclosure Assistance, Inc. 11/17/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Debt Advocacy Center, LLC 07/08/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Denver Home Rescue, LLC 01/08/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
DirecTV 12/15/2010 Consumer Protection
Dish Network, LLC. 01/02/2015 Consumer Protection
Donald Sterling Whitlock et. al. 12/09/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Door-to-Door Magazine Scam 04/23/2012 Consumer Protection
Economic Strategy, LLC and Jacob Dejongh 03/03/2015 Telemarketing
Education Management Corporation 11/19/2015 Consumer Protection
Encore Lending LLC 07/11/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Eugena Alkana Law Firm d/b/a Legal Home Solutions 06/19/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Family Relief Fund d/b/a Disabled Veterans Care Center 03/16/2009 Charity & Non Profit
Fight-2-Live Foundation 09/17/2009 Charity & Non Profit
Financial Solutions Law Group 10/14/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Fired Up For Kids 12/15/2011 Charity & Non Profit
Foreclosure Assistance Solutions, LLC d/b/a “FAS” and “Mortgage Second Chance” 10/25/2006 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Fortune Financial Group, LLC 10/14/2010 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Fraley, Clinton Dee 03/06/2013 Securities & Investments
Franklin Equity Corporation 07/09/2008 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Freedom Debt Relief, LLC 06/28/2013 Consumer Credit
Freedom Foreclosure Prevention Services, LLC 12/22/2006 Mortgage & Foreclosure
Freedom Stores, Inc. d/b/a Freedom Furniture & Electronics, Military Credit Services, LLC, & Freedom Acceptance Corporation 04/21/2015 Consumer Protection
Front Range Charitable Services 08/29/2006 Charity & Non Profit
Full Spirit Ministries a/k/a Open Door Mission 03/14/2012 Charity & Non Profit
Gabee, LLC d/b/a ModificationHUB 08/31/2009 Mortgage & Foreclosure
General Motors (GM) Company 01/24/2018 Consumer Protection
Genesis Natural Resource Group, Inc - Jeffory Shields and Nicholas Sartini 08/21/2014 Securities & Investments
Genuine Financial Strategies, LLC, and Genuine Financial Strategy, LLP 05/11/2011 Mortgage & Foreclosure
GlaxoSmithKline LLC 06/23/2011 Consumer Protection
Google Inc. 03/08/2013 Consumer Protection